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my one word for 2015

my one word for 2015

This year, I think I’ll take Natalie’s lead and choose one word to represent my hopes and goals for 2015.  And since the moment I considered the idea, I’ve heard my word echoing from the mountaintops (of Illinois??) – “be present“.

present, adjective: not past or future; existing now

Being present is something I’ve struggled with for pretty much always.  I’m a worrier, and a planner, and a stress-outer.  During work, I’m making notes about how I want to (re)decorate the house.  During meals I’m mentally already clearing the table.  During crafty projects, I’m thinking about how good it will feel to finish.  But I never seem to be right here, right now.  This year, that changes.

my one word for 2015

I will say yes to today and enjoy it for what it is.  (And stop focusing on what it’s not.)

I will invest in relationship – with my husband, with (new) friends, and with God.  This is hard – dependence, vulnerability, turning off that performance mentality.  But I’m in.

I will learn to be grateful for the process – each stitch of a knitting project, my time at the gym, each page of a book – rather than just focusing on the finish line.

my one word for 2015

I think part of my inability to be present stems from disorganization.  I’m committing to doing 15 minutes of preparation for the next day before bed each night with this printable.  It helps me to get everything in one place and stop worrying about what I’m forgetting.  I’m seeing that the most important parts of the planning, for me, are

  1. setting three top priorities:  I’m learning that my to-do list will always hold more than I can accomplish in one day, so setting a few things above the rest helps me focus and feel accomplished;
  2. deciding on some things that can wait until tomorrow: This is powerful stuff – telling myself that these things don’t have to take up space or time today.  Plus, this helps me think forward to what the next day’s to-do list might contain; and
  3. leaving room for my mind to wander, but keeping a handle on it: So my brain is a little bit of a jungle, full of ideas and whims that I can runaway with, accidentally leaving my real life behind, for like, hours.  So, new rule: Write down the things in a list.  Immediately resume working/listening to sermon/driving/eating sushi.  Revisit jumbled, crazy list of random thoughts at a later date and attempt to decipher.

So.  Here’s to being here – being present.

What is your word for this year?  Let me know in the comments!

And check out Natalie’s post about her word for 2015 here.

January 1, 2015 - 5:53 pm

Olga | teamconfetti - I’m so glad that the to do list helps you organise so well! Such a funny idea that someone on the other side of the planet is using it. 🙂
Have a great new year!

January 1, 2015 - 6:15 pm - Olga – It’s wonderful! Thank you so much for creating it! 🙂 Happy new year!