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reading:  HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method.  We’ve heard great success stories from friends who used this method and we’re really hopeful.  Lots more practicing to do before baby comes, though.

I’ve also been using a guide from the Knowing the Bible series to study the book of James with a friend.  I’ve been SO impressed with the content and depth of this study that I’ve ordered the one on Galatians for Ryan and myself to go through as a couple.

playing:  Christmas music!  Especially while we work around the house; it makes everything feel cheery!


watching:  Not much, actually.  We were just talking last night about how we haven’t turned on the TV in quite a while & I’m very okay with that.  We’ve been working hard each night on house projects and spending more time having nice, slow dinners together.

During a trip out to Boston for work meetings, we were treated to dinner at La Voile, a lovely French restaurant.  The experience really made an impression on us (and brought back a lot of what I’d gleaned from the book French Kids Eat Everything earlier in the year).  We were reminded of how nice it is to spend an evening at the table with good company, enjoying simple, but delicious food.  And also notable was the order of the four courses – first, a vegetable or soup; second, the main course; third, cheese; and fourth, dessert.  Eating in this order, we made much different choices than we might have if all of the food had been sent out at once (ahem…I would have filled up on cheese and chocolate mousse and called it a day!).  So we’ve been trying this out at home now.  And it has actually made meal planning and cooking much simpler.  A couple favorite recipes have been discovered since then:

trying:  To pull the nursery together.  After lots of patch work on the plaster (it was in fairly rough shape), we’re finally painting.  A couple more nights and we should be finished!  Then we can put together the furniture and I can start nesting.  I can’t wait!

Nursery1  Nursery2  Nursery3

cooking:  Well, I kind of covered this already.  But let’s be real.  I also made Ghirardelli Triple Fudge Brownies from a box this week.  They were divine.

eating:  Oh, we’re still on this topic?  Well, too many doughnuts.  But we’re working on that.

drinking:  Perrier sparkling water out of a wine glass.  Makes a pregnant lady feel fancy.

calling:  No one.  Does anyone even use that feature anymore?

texting:  My girls!  I’m so thankful that in this season, I’ve been blessed with close friendships like I’ve never had before.

pinning:  Projects for baby!

tweeting:  Nothing.  Still don’t have Twitter.  But I am looking into a research project for work that involves gleaning data from Twitter, so that’s cool.  

crafting:  Quite a bit, all of a sudden!  Mostly for baby.  Crib sheets, a quilt, a changing pad cover, and a little pilot cap so far.  I need to put the finishing touches on some knitting projects that have been sitting around for quite a while, too.

currently6   currently5

doing:  A bit better with time management stuff.  Which is always a struggle for me, working from home.  Keeping a more consistent work schedule has been a big part of that.  This has meant missing some things that I would’ve loved to do between the hours of 8am and 4pm.  But being completely finished with work by 4pm has given me a lot of freedom, too, and a lot less guilt (which used to come from being short on hours or working evenings/weekends when I could have been spending time with Ryan).

going:  To try to spend more intentional time at home in the coming year.  After a couple weeks off from many of our usual evening activities, I’ve realized how much it helps my heart to have time at home to get the household chores done without a big rush.  Because I don’t think I ever truly relax or get to reflect when my to-do list is miles long.  

loving:  All of the Christmasy stuff.  It just feels really cozy and meaningful this year.

hating:  That it gets dark before 5pm.  Boo.

discovering:  The magic that is waking up early.  I’ve always been a night owl, and I really still am, but this baby must suck up all my energy because by 10:30, I’m fading fast these days.  I’ve really enjoyed waking up naturally before the sun rises, tiptoeing down stairs, turning on the Christmas lights, and sipping tea in my jammies.  It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve been reading Scripture consistently (check out She Reads Truth!), and while I’m sure I should be getting WAY more exercise, I’m at least taking our dog Lucy for a walk each morning.  

enjoying:  Instagram.  Sifting through the feed each morning has really been inspiring me lately.

hoping:  That we finish our house projects before baby gets here!  It’s a pretty long list, folks.  We recently had our home insulated and while we’re much warmer (and will surely be saving big $$ on our power bills this Winter), we’re also tasked with fixing the 2-inch holes that were drilled between every stud in the house.  And then repainting every room.  We’re hustling and learning to enjoy working together on these things…every single night!  My new motto: PAINT EVERYTHING WHITE.

celebrating:  Making it to the 27th week with this babe.  As smoothly as everything has gone with this pregnancy, I’m still so grateful for every little milestone that we reach, and the miracle of it all definitely isn’t lost on me.


smelling:  Everthing.  Intensely.  Don’t even get me started.  Haha.

thanking:  Ryan for loving me so well during this time.  There have been a lot of…emotions, calls begging for doughnuts, and maybe some whining.  He handles it all with grace, bless his heart.

considering:  Moving from a cash envelopes system to a debit card & iPhone app combo for tracking budgeting and such.  Shopping online has become more of a thing for us (God bless you, Amazon Prime.) which creates a bit of an issue using an all cash system.  We need a better plan…any suggestions?

finishing:  Putting together our cloth diaper stash for baby boy.  To be completely honest, we’re mostly in it for the cost savings, and so I feel really proud that I bought almost our entire stash with money from selling lots of our unused things on Ebay.  Woot!  I did tons of research and decided to try a few different styles of diapers to see what we like best.  For the newborn stage, we have prefolds and fitteds with both PUL and wool interlock covers.  For after that, we have a combination of fitteds and wool & a hybrid system.  I’m sure I’ll write more on this later when we have some experience!

starting:  To really fall in love with our house.  Every time we finish a project it starts to feel more like home.  We’ve been doing lots of cleaning out of our belongings and adapting to the limited storage space here, which was initially challenging.  And you know?  I’m becoming addicted to simplifying.  With every bin of donations carried to the car, I feel a bit more at peace.  Stuff takes up a lot of time and brain power, apparently.

 What are you up to these days? Any good books to recommend? Anything exciting going on in your life? I’d love to hear about it!

xoxo, Hayley

December 15, 2015 - 9:44 pm

Kathleen - Lots of great stuff going on!! So fun to see pictures of you and your projects. I never read hypnobirthing, but will for next time. What really works for us is a combo of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, and Sweet Sleep. I still read them regularly!! What cloth system are you going with? We do Flip Hybrid and mostly like it!

January 1, 2016 - 12:35 pm

Hayley - Thanks for the reading recommendations, Kathleen! Really good to hear from you! We’re planning to use a combination of Grovia Hybrids and fitteds/wool. I’m excited about it; we’ll see how it goes!