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back at it & baby james’ nursery

this dreary winter day, when the babe is taking an extra long afternoon nap – seemed just the perfect time to get back to writing – something i’ve certainly missed since he came on the scene.  where to start, though?  life has changed so much since my last post.  i’m glad to be able to say that i have learned a lot about simplifying (my one word for 2016).  before i was a mom, i might have been under the delusion that i could “do it all”, but now, i am certainly not.

time has become the hottest commodity around here – and maybe it always was – but we’ve felt that more lately.  what might have seemed like a calm schedule before, feels full with a baby in tow – in a good way.  james has filled in the gaps where we felt empty before.  so we’re still finding ways to pare down: our schedule & our stresses, our purchases & our belongings.  i’m learning that leaving margin in our life allows for creativity and growth and rest – things that can get buried by our business.

i thought i’d start back with a few photos of the little guy’s nursery from our maternity photos (by our close friend, sarah wingo; she’s amazing!).  we had so much fun putting together this space for him.  it’s simple & airy, with just a touch of outdoorsy, boyishness.  i’m very sentimental, and wanted to include lots of pieces that are special to us.  the white bassinet was ryan’s grandma’s as a baby – and a fresh coat of paint made it a perfect home for stuffies (which all belonged to us as children).  the geometric quilt was a (very long!) sewing project, but i really wanted him to have something handmade by me; a few of the pieces were taken from the blankie i treasured as a little girl.  the children’s book of virtues was given to me by my grandfather; the little yellow bookmarks he tore from a legal pad to mark our favorite stories are still there.


wooden ‘J’ // sheepskin rug (similar)


crib // children’s book of virtues

JamesNursery  grey recliner // adventure print // white curtains 

…and then a few iPhone pictures to fill in the gaps.  i had fun sewing a handful of changing pad covers and crib sheets and making the pillow cover.  i have a tiny obsession with the swiss cross if that wasn’t obvious.

nurserywhite dresser // national park prints // cast iron chandelier (similar)

not pictured, but possibly my favorite piece is a cross stitch by my grandmother that hangs outside the nursery door.  it hung outside my room growing up and i remember my dad reading it aloud every now and then – especially on big days – when i woke up a year older, graduated, on my wedding day.

“Cleaning and scrubbing can wait ’til tomorrow
For babies grow up we’ve learned to our sorrow,
So quiet down cobwebs and dust go to sleep
I’m rocking my baby, and babies don’t keep.”

i can’t leave out his beautiful bassinet, where he actually slept for at least the first six months in our room.  this was a gift from my sweet cousins & it was just perfect in this little nook.

bassinet // ‘i love you so’ print

this nursery has been a cozy place to snuggle and play with our little guy and we hope it will be a fun space for him as he grows!