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Holiday Gift Guide – For the Babes

something about our first christmas season as a family of three (or four, if you count lucy the vizsla…) is feeling pretty magical!  i can see us being much more intentional about making this year special – reading an advent story each night before bedtime, singing along to our favorite chirstmas songs while we get ready in the morning, and making plans to enjoy traditions with family and friends.  we just hung our first real stockings – names embroidered on them and everything.  and if you could see how this baby’s eyes light up when he looks at the christmas tree, it would melt your heart!  we are so blessed.

needless to say, i’ve had a lot of fun shopping for james’ first christmas.  we decided on a budget for our shopping early on & knew we wanted to be very intentional about chosing a handful of quality items for each other.  my hope is that, though there won’t be a mountain of presents under our tree, we will give very thoughtfully, and in turn, have grateful hearts for the gifts that we recieve.

with those things in mind, i put together a little gift guide of some of my favorite things for the babies (they are just really the most fun to shop for, aren’t they?!).  many of these are tried & true over here, and some are wrapped up under the tree for our boy!  hope this helps you out, mama-friends (and aunts and uncles and grandmas and grandpas, too).  happy shopping!

i’d love to hear what you’re getting your littles for the holidays – let me know in the comments!  <3

baby boy

1: DockATot Deluxe // 2: Winter Water Factory Romper // 3: Hanna Andersson Baby Long Johns
4: Sloomb Knit Blankie // 5: The Bear’s Song // 6: Grovia AIO // 7: Natursutten Pacifier
8: Moover Dump Truck // 9: Plan Toy Hammer Balls // 10: Grimms Nesting Bowls

baby neutral

1: Solvej Indoor/Outdoor Swing  // 2: Artful Skwish // 3: Nui Organics Kina Booties
4: Mabo Kids Long John // 5: Melissa & Doug Standard Unit Blocks
6: Natursutten Pacifier // 7: The Snowy Day // 8: Nui Organics Pilot Cap
9: MULA Toddle Wagon // 10: Hanna Anderson Baby Long Johns // 11: Sloomb Velour HLC // 12: Bajo Sorting Snail

baby girl

1: ezpz Happy Mat // 2: Catalina Mouse // 3: Technicolor Treasure Hunt  // 4: Nostalgic Cord Pinnie
5: Lace Stitch Tights // 6: Natursutten Pacifier // 7: The Swing // 8: Baby Crossover One Piece
9: Baby Wiggle Pants // 10: Sarah’s Silks // 11: Sloomb Wonderland Fitted Diaper
12: Pastel Wooden Rainbow