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My One Word for 2017

i’ve chosen one word to inspire me each new year for three years in a row now…

in 2015, I aimed to be present.
in 2016, my one word was simplify.
for 2017, i feel called to be still.

i’m over a week into the new year writing this post, but since christmas, i’ve been turning over possible words in my mind and nothing has stuck right away.  the past year has been filled with changes, all for the better, I think – and all of which truly did seem to simplify our life: paring back our commitments as we prepared to welcome & enjoy a new baby, spending slow days at home during my maternity leave, opting to move to a part-time schedule when i returned to my job, and as of last week, moving to on-call status at work which allows me to basically stay at home with james for now.  it’s taken time for us to make the switch to this slower pace, but goodness – it feels right.

this year, i want to challenge myself to try on stillness for size – especially in a few specific areas:

enjoy where we are

it seems like to this point, life has been a bit of a race.  hustle up & grow up. get your license. walk across that stage. go away to school. get that degree. get a great job. work hard. get married. buy a house. start a family.

and now we’re here.  and honestly, i’m so happy in this place.  for the first time ever, i don’t really know what is next and it’s really freeing, actually.  i want to focus on just being here & being grateful for this moment; this is the time in my life that i’ve always dreamed about and it’s more than i could have ever hoped it to be.

live with what we have

over the last year, we’ve simplified so much about what we have & how we live.  and when we see extra room in the closet or a blank wall or an empty schedule, i think our natural instinct is to fill it up, and quickly.  but not this year.  this year, i’m committing to working with what we have and being very selective and intentional about the new things we bring into our space.

hear more, say less

i’m aiming to be a listener this year – in my marriage, in my friendships, and especially in my relationship with God.  and that’s that.

be prepared to welcome

having more time at home has meant taking better care of things around here, which has been a relief (definitely still not anywhere near perfect – more like maybe-we-won’t-drown-in-a-sea-of-dust-bunnies status).  for a long time, i’ve used the house being under construction and not up to par, and my lack of time to justify holing up here, just us.  but i want to change that.  i want this to be a place where people want to be – a place that feels warm and cozy and inviting.  and i’m realizing that has less to do with everything being pristine and more to do with lighting a few candles, putting on a pot of coffee, and inviting friends in for good conversation.

i’m really excited to see how this word weaves its way into my year.

what is your word for the year?  let me know in the comments!